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Govt officials splash £10mn of public cash on business flights in midst of austerity

By ethan / April 23, 2018

While Tory policies thrust austerity on the British public, two government departments have come under fire for splashing more than £10 million of taxpayers’ money on thousands of luxury fights in just 12 months. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) squandered £5.5 million (US$ 7.6 million) on 3,109 business class flights between January 2017 and the […]


Golden digits: Nelson Mandela’s ‘hands’ bought for $10mn in bitcoin

By ethan / March 27, 2018

Solid gold castings of Nelson Mandela’s hands have sold for $ 10 million in bitcoin to a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. The four golden hands are believed to be the only ones left in the world. This is the first time artifacts of Mandela have been sold in bitcoin. A $ 10-million deal was struck with […]


£10mn Rotherham sex abuse gang probe delayed due to lack of police numbers

By ethan / February 27, 2018

An investigation into the abuse of vulnerable girls in Rotherham has stalled as there aren’t enough police to work the case. As many as 1,400 cases are still being investigated after 30 years of abuse in the northern English town. Senior investigating officer Paul Williamson told RT that the case is being stalled because there […]


Golden handshake: Mugabe family reportedly offered $10mn payoff & legal immunity

By ethan / November 26, 2017

Published time: 26 Nov, 2017 00:09 Cash-strapped Zimbabwe has reportedly offered a $ 10 million payout to deposed President Robert Mugabe, while his wife will receive a generous pension after his death, and his children’s businesses won’t be touched by the incoming administration. “The government will give him a $ 5 million lump sum and […]


US pro poker player loses $10mn winnings in ‘cheating’ court case

By ethan / October 27, 2017

Published time: 27 Oct, 2017 14:36 The US professional poker player, Phil Ivey, has lost his $ 10 million winnings from a London card game after a high-stakes court case determined he had cheated his way to the jackpot. The Supreme Court in London ruled on Wednesday that professional gambler Phil Ivey had illicitly accumulated […]


US porn king offers $10mn for ‘smoking gun’ to impeach Trump

By ethan / October 15, 2017

Published time: 15 Oct, 2017 09:12 Edited time: 15 Oct, 2017 09:46 Unease over Donald Trump appears to have hit a new level after ‘porn king’ Larry Flynt offered the hefty sum of up to $ 10 million for a “smoking gun” that would help to impeach the “moron” president. “Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine […]

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