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Europe & Iran now have the perfect excuse to drop the US dollar – Max Keiser

By ethan / May 18, 2018

The re-imposition of US sanctions on Iran and Washington’s threat to punish European companies for doing business there provides a good opportunity for ditching the dollar, according to RT’s Keiser Report host, Max Keiser. “The US uses the dollar as a weapon to promote US dollar hegemony and the US Empire. The world now sees […]


McCain blasts draft-dodging Trump for Vietnam ‘bone spur’ excuse

By ethan / October 23, 2017

Arizona Senator John McCain appears to have taken a swipe at President Donald Trump for avoiding the army draft during the Vietnam War. In an interview aired on C-Span on Sunday, McCain criticized those who were able to avoid serving in the military by citing medical conditions in comments about draft deferment. “One aspect of […]

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