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Hidden internal directive on Syria that got no UNSC approval DOES exist – Russian Foreign Ministry

By ethan / August 24, 2018

The UN has devised internal guidelines for limiting cooperation with Syria until a “political transition” takes place there, and it was drafted without any consent from the Security Council, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said. The document in question is entitled ‘Parameters and Principles of UN Assistance in Syria,’ the ministry wrote in a statement […]


Life on Earth may already exist on alien planets, say scientists

By ethan / November 21, 2017

Published time: 21 Nov, 2017 15:31 Life forms on Earth may also exist on other planets, according to a theory on micro-organisms from our solar system. Scientists studying interplanetary dust have posited that the powdery matter is capable of transporting tiny organisms across the cosmos. Edinburgh-based scientists claim bacteria and micro-animals called tardigrades can survive […]

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