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Sweden Democrats break through, socialists remain biggest party – election exit polls

By ethan / September 9, 2018

The Social Democrats have achieved their worst result in a century, while the Sweden Democrats will have their biggest-ever faction in parliament, say exit polls released as voting stations in the Scandinavian country closed. A survey published by TV4 15 minutes before the voting deadline of 8 pm, claimed that the center-left Social Democrats will […]


Crimean tourism won’t be affected by exit – region head

By ethan / July 23, 2018

Hotels in Russia’s Crimea will not face a shortage of reservations after stopped working in the region, according to Crimea’s top official Sergey Aksenov. Read more Last week, stopped working with Crimean hotels in compliance with US and European sanctions against the republic. “This decision will not affect bookings, all tour packages have […]


Iran may exit nuclear deal in coming weeks – Deputy FM

By ethan / June 22, 2018

The Iran nuclear deal is in “intensive care” and it’s possible that Tehran will have to withdraw from the pact if an agreement cannot be reached with its European signatories, the country’s deputy FM Abbas Araghchi has warned. Iran wants to preserve the deal but adjustments need to be made as a result of Washington’s […]


Chinese man opens airplane emergency exit due to ‘stuffy air’

By ethan / May 1, 2018

Desperate to get some fresh air, a Chinese man pulled the escape handle to abandon the “stuffy, hot” plane. He was later detained by police and has now to pay around $ 11,000. Chen, a Chinese man traveling from the island of Hainan, said he felt it was quite stuffy inside the plane and decided […]


Italian election: Swing to the right & EU exit, or business as usual?

By ethan / February 28, 2018

The menu for the Italian electorate this year is a spicy blend of political and economic issues; EU-skepticism for starters, the migrant crisis for the main course, and a dessert of uncomfortably high unemployment. With a new electoral system agreed last October (ominously described as “complicated” by the politicians themselves), the election on Sunday is […]


Vegetable-based cryptocurrency pulls exit scam, leaves ‘penis’ behind

By ethan / January 30, 2018

A cryptocurrency startup, which promised to revolutionize the fruit and vegetable industry, has apparently pulled an exit scam, shutting down its website and leaving only the word “penis” to greet duped investors. Prodeum – an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) built on Ethereum – was exposed as a scam after all data was removed from its […]


Catalan secessionist parties poised to secure absolute majority in regional vote – exit polls

By ethan / December 21, 2017

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 19:13 Edited time: 21 Dec, 2017 19:49 Pro-independence parties are expected to again secure an absolute majority in the Catalan parliament, exit polls published by the La Vanguardia newspaper indicates after snap regional elections. The trio of pro-independence parties: the Together for Catalonia (JxCat), headed by deposed regional president Carles […]

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