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Russia expands supersonic bomber patrols to Arctic & beyond – strategic aviation chief

By ethan / May 18, 2018

Russian strategic nuclear forces are expanding their global reach and paying special attention to patrolling the Arctic with supersonic bombers, according to the long-range strategic air force commander Sergey Kobylash. “This year, we plan to fly Tu-160s to Anadyr [Russia’s easternmost Arctic town]. The Arctic is of strategic importance to us and we have been […]


Monaco expands into Mediterranean Sea to solve millionaire migrant 'problem'

By ethan / November 25, 2017

Published time: 25 Nov, 2017 12:04 The tiny principality of Monaco has become so attractive to the super-rich willing to shelter their funds from taxes that reigning monarch Prince Albert II has given the green light to an offshore urban development project. The world most cozy tax haven has a luxury property crisis due to […]


US govt expands warrantless surveillance of Americans

By ethan / October 27, 2017

Thx to @hrw FOIA, more evidence of US using an exec order for *domestic* warrantless surveillance. Obama-era change — Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) October 25, 2017 The expanded powers relate back Executive Order 12333, signed by former President Ronald Reagan in 1981, and modified under the George W. Bush administration. It establishes how US intelligence […]

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