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ICYMI: F-bombs aplenty as Londoners send birthday wishes to Trump (VIDEO)

By ethan / June 14, 2018

The ICYMI team took to the streets of London to ask Brits and visitors in the capital if they had any birthday messages they would like to deliver to Donald Trump. Among the expletives, there was one fan of the US president. It’s fair to say that “The Donald” was sent less than flattering messages […]


#ICYMI: Sweden issues a fighting guidebook, but millennials want WiFi not wars

By ethan / May 25, 2018

This week the world was asking, does Sweden know something we don’t? The famously peaceful and egalitarian home of flat-pack furniture handed out a guide to fighting a war to all of its citizens. Swedes were told to prepare for “total defense,” and that “resistance will never cease,” which is easy to say when an […]


#ICYMI Asks: Should Donald Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize?

By ethan / May 3, 2018

ICYMI asks members of the public whether Donald Trump deserves an award as prestigious as the Nobel Peace Prize after it was revealed the US President was on the 2019 shortlist. Rumor has it, Donald Trump is a favorite to win the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize after ‘his tireless work to bring peace to our […]


ICYMI looks into NBC’s surprise discovery of alleged links to RT

By ethan / April 24, 2018

NBC has gone to truly great lengths to reveal the well-hidden link between the #ICYMI show and RT. ICYMI decided to surpass NBC’s efforts and conducted its own exclusive inside investigation. American journalists made an incredible effort to eventually uncover the hidden ties between ICYMI and RT, admitting they only managed to do so thanks […]

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