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Automakers bow to #MeToo pressure and ditch booth babes

By ethan / February 28, 2018

Global carmakers at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show have decided against decorating their stands in the traditional manner. This of course means no promo girls sporting miniskirts and stiletto heels. The decision comes amid considerable pressure from the global #MeToo campaign. According to Bloomberg, nearly all spheres of life are now drawn into the struggle […]


‘Witch hunts should be left in the Middle Ages’: Oscar-winning film director blasts #MeToo

By ethan / February 10, 2018

Celebrities criticizing the #MeToo movement have been joined by another big personality from the movie industry. Oscar-winning Austrian film director Michael Haneke called it a “witch hunt” that “poisons” the social climate. “I regard this hysteria of rash judgments that is spreading at the moment as absolutely disgusting,” director and screenwriter Haneke said in an […]

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